Sea Turtle Awareness Program

Vacation with a Purpose: Support Bonaire’s Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts

Image Courtesy STCB

Vacationing with a purpose is a fantastic way to spend time during your travels, however not everyone has the time or inclination to spend an entire vacation week committing to a cause. The alternative? The PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty program designed by Dive Friends Bonaire. It educates and “gives-back,” while only involving a minimal time commitment.

The program is designed to support the efforts of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, (STCB) a non-governmental research and conservation organization that has been protecting sea turtles since 1991. Bonaire is the home to three of the world’s six endangered or critically endangered species of marine turtles: the hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtle.

This two-dive specialty program provides divers with an introduction to the work of STCB, education on sea turtle behavior, nesting, identifying characteristics of the different species, threats to sea turtles and their habitats and information on how to help. The course also provides divers with the tools needed so they can accurately report details of sea turtle sightings on all future dives to the STCB.

To increase divers’ likelihood of sea turtle sightings, the two program dives are provided by a partnership between Dive Friends Bonaire and Bonaire East Coast Boat Diving.

The program includes a one hour orientation conducted on a Sunday or Monday. The two dives are taken one of the mid-week mornings, with a final one hour debrief toward the end of the week. Divers must be 12 year or older, Open Water Certification or Junior Open Water Certification. The program price is $205.00 per person, with a portion of proceeds donated to Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire.
Contact us at 800-288-4773 or by email at for more information on adding this program to your next vacation stay at Sand Dollar.

For more information on what you can do to support sea turtle conservation efforts, please visit the STCB website.