Bonaire Vacation Questions

Where is Bonaire located?

Bonaire is an island in the Dutch Caribbean. Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao, are often called the “ABC” islands. These islands are off the coast of South America. Bonaire is well known as a diving and vacation paradise. Come visit and stay at Sand Dollar Condominiums.


How Do I Get Here?

There are several different options for getting to Sand Dollar on international carriers from North and South America as well as Europe, however flights change regularly. For the most up to date information please visit http://www.tourismbonaire.com/en/vacation-planner/getting-to-bonaire Ferry service is not available between Bonaire and Aruba, Curacao or Venezuela.

What languages are spoken on Bonaire? Will I be able to get by speaking English?

Although Dutch and Papiamentu are the official languages of Bonaire, both English and Spanish are widely spoken.

What is the currency? Are ATM's available?

The US dollar is the official currency on Bonaire. Traveler’s checks and credit cards are widely accepted but be sure to have your passport or photo ID available. There is a bank with a 24-hour ATM in front of Sand Dollar as well as a number of other banks with ATM’s located conveniently around the island. Note: If using credit cards on island, please be aware that most credit-card companies are now adding an extra 2% to 5% fee on international transactions in addition to any currency-exchange commissions.

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What is the weather like on Bonaire?

Dry, temperate climate with an average temperature of 83F/29C year round.

Can we drink the water?

Yes! Bonaire’s tap water is one of the purest and safest water sources in the world to drink, so there is no reason to purchase bottled water. We encourage all guests to bring their own reusable water bottles. We know you will want to keep well hydrated during your stay and will therefore be drinking a great deal of water. Your efforts will also help us keep Bonaire’s landfill clear of unnecessary waste that cannot be recycled.

Where can I find a grocery store?

There are NO restrictions placed on bringing fruits, vegetables, meats or other perishables into Bonaire. However guests will find that Van Den Tweel supermarket and Warehouse Bonaire among others, carry as wide a variety of goods from the Netherlands, the US and South America as one could hope to find anywhere. There is also the Hato Mini-Market, a small convenience store, directly in front of the Sand Dollar property for smaller purchases as well as a number of other smaller grocery stores available. The Front Office staff will be happy to provide directions when you arrive, or you can visit http://www.infobonaire.com/supermarkets.html for the most up to date listing.

Where can I buy liquor and beer?

If you are looking for wine, there is an excellent wine and liquor store almost directly across the street from Sand Dollar at the newly opened Bonairemart. Beer can be purchased by the case at the Amstel distributor (beer and liquor) about half a mile away on Kaya Amsterdam or at any of the grocery stores (Warehouse Bonaire and Van Den Tweel having the best selection.)

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I am getting a rental truck with my package. What can you tell me about driving on Bonaire?

Avis Car Rental and Budget Car Rental have offices located on the Airport grounds, on the far left side of the airport parking lot as do most other rental agencies. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that upon arrival, you “divide and conquer,” sending the person or persons who will be authorized to drive your vehicle to complete the contract work, while the others remain and wait for the luggage. This will save you considerable time. If you are renting from Telerin Car Rental, a representative will meet you just as you exit Customs to walk you to your rental vehicle. If any of the car rental agencies are closed when you arrive, please take a taxi, (approximately $20.00 to Sand Dollar) and the rental agency will deliver your truck to you the next day. Driving is on the right hand side of the road and follows international road signs. Be prepared to share the roads with animals, such as donkeys and goats, pedestrians and cyclists.

You can find a year-long event calendar on the InfoBonaire.com website.


Sand Dollar Bonaire Questions


Where is Sand Dollar located on Bonaire?

Approximately 2 miles North of the main town of Kralendijk and approximately 10 minutes from the airport. For a satellite view, please Take a look at our Google Map

How many rooms does Sand Dollar have? Can Sand Dollar accommodate groups?

We have 28 separate condos in our rental pool(some units are owner occupied) from studio to three bedroom units. Groups, large and small, can easily be accommodated in a variety of units.

What credit cards does Sand Dollar accept?

Visa and Master Card are accepted by the US Based Reservations Office. On-island, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Diners. Visa and Master Card are the most widely accepted cards on the island.

When making a reservation can I request a specific condo or building?

We welcome your requests and can often accommodate them, but because our units are all privately owned, can not guarantee the unit will not be in use by the owner at the time of your reservation. It is also possible that the unit may be unavailable while undergoing routine maintenance. The more you share with us about WHY you liked the requested unit – it was a ground floor/second floor; it had a screened in porch/open porch, it was closer to the dive shop/it was closer to the pool, etc., the easier it will be for us to ensure you have the perfect condo for your vacation.

Are the condominiums fully air conditioned?

Sand Dollar’s buildings and units were designed to capture the flow of the naturally cooling trade winds. The 2017 nightly rates and package rates for our One, Two and Three Bedroom Condominiums all included air-conditioning in the bedrooms. Some but not all unit owners have also installed air-conditioning in the living areas, however use of this additional air-conditioning is not included in the rates. If available in your unit, it may be switched on per your request for an additional charge of $10.00 per day. Studio are fully air-conditioned.

As of December 23, 2017, nightly rates and package rates will include full-unit area air-conditioning. The $10.00 surcharge will no longer be applied.

Do I have an ocean view from my room?

All the Sand Dollar condominiums face the Caribbean Sea and have either a direct or partial ocean view. Depending on the location of your apartment, you could also have a view of the sunset or a view of Klein Bonaire.

Is there a beach?

The Sand Dollar property is “above” sea level so does not have a beach, however there are sun decks at the water’s edge with lounge chairs for comfortable sunning or sunset viewing.

Is there a restaurant?

Eddy’s Restaurant and Pool Bar is on property. Eddy’s serves lunch daily from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm and dinner from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Eddy’s pool bar is open from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm continuous. In the Sand Dollar Mini-Mall in front of the complex is the “Between 2 Buns” deli, run by Anna of the old Elie’s Deli. They offer friendly service, excellent food and reasonable rates in the air conditioned shop. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, snack or even just to enjoy one of her organic teas Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Saturday’s 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Breeze’s N’ Bites on the waterfront at the adjacent Den Laman Condominiums serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What else is on property?

Two lighted tennis courts and a swimming pool are available free of charge. Lover’s Ice Cream Parlor and the Hato Mini-Mart are all located at the Sand Dollar Mini-Mall. There is also a full service fitness center located across the street from Sand Dollar which offers day passes for $14.50 US. A bank with a 24-hour ATM is located in front of Sand Dollar.

What is the bedding configuration in the condos?

Studios have one queen bed or one queen murphy bed; One Bedrooms have one queen bed; Two Bedrooms have one king bed in the master and two twin beds in the second bedroom; Three Bedrooms have one king bed in the master, one queen in the second bedroom and two twin beds in the third bedroom. The twin beds in the Two and Three Bedroom condos can be converted and made up as a king utilizing a soft and supportive foam bridge that seamlessly eliminates the gap, leaving no ridges or lumps.

What is the maximum number of people in each condo?

Maximum occupancy, using existing bedding is: two adults or one adult and one child for studio and one bedroom condominiums, four adults and/or children for two bedroom condominiums and six adults and/or children for three bedroom condominiums. One child under 13 years of age may be added to any one, two or three bedroom condominium provided a day bed is reserved at an additional $25.00 per night. Extra beds are limited in number.

Does Sand Dollar offer baby-sitting services?

Baby sitting can generally be arranged by the reception office staff with outside sitters with at least 48 hour notice for $5.00-$8.00 an hour during the day and $10.00 an hour evenings 12:00 midnight – 8:00 am.

Do I have to bring kitchen, bedding or linen supplies with me?

The condominium kitchens are fully equipped with kitchen supplies, pots, pans, utensils, dishes, etc. plus all include a blender, dishwasher and dish washer soap, coffee maker, toaster, stove and microwave. Paper goods such as paper towels, coffee filters, foil or plastic food wrap will need to be brought of purchased on island. All bed linens and towels, including beach towels, are provided with the exception of face cloths. Please bring your own if you can not do without!

Is housekeeping provided?

Housekeeping services are provided two times during a weekly stay. Additional housekeeping services can be provided upon request for $11.00 per hour.

Are toiletries provided?

We will provide you with body soap in the condo, but please bring your own shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer.

Is wireless Internet available in the units?

We are pleased to announce that all Sand Dollar Condominiums rental apartments have been fitted with their own modem connection for high speed internet. The property has offered free Wi-Fi for several years now originating from their centrally located Wi-Fi system, however not with the level of signal reliability that was optimal for our guests.

Will I need to bring an electric adapter for the wall sockets?

Electrical sockets are the US standard square plugs. Adaptors will be needed for European round plug appliances. The electric voltage in your unit is 127 volts, 50 cycles, slightly different from the US, though most appliances and battery chargers will operate fine and no transformers or adapters are necessary. (Check your appliance manufacturers recommendations if in doubt.)

Is there somewhere I can keep my valuables?

Every room at Sand Dollar has a digital safe large enough to accommodate most laptops, as well as valuables such as money and jewelry. There is no charge for this service.

Are there security personnel working at Sand Dollar?

Yes. For your peace of mind, Sand Dollar has uniformed, private security on duty from 6:00 pm – 7:00 am.

What time can I check in to my condo? What can I do if I arrive before check in time? What time is check out?

Check-in time is at 3:00 pm. If you have an early morning arrival and wish to have guaranteed immediate access to your condo, you will need to reserve your unit for the prior evening. If this is prior to 8:00 am. (when the Front Office opens) the Security Staff will greet you when you arrive to provide you with your key. If you have NOT reserved the condo for the previous evening, please make yourself comfortable in one of the lounge chairs along the water front. Once the Front Office opens the Staff will be able to advise you of your options while you wait for access to your unit. We will be glad to store your luggage until your condo has been serviced and is ready for your occupancy. Check out Time: 11:00 am. Late check-outs may be arranged for a fee. Guests should inquire at the front desk the day before departure.


Bonaire Diving, Snorkeling & Activities Questions & Answers

Who provides dive services for Sand Dollar guests?

Dive Friends Bonaire has a full service dive operation on property. Facilities include a newly erected dive center adjacent to the Sand Dollar Reception Office with a drive up tank station, gear rental and storage area, and retail area. In addition to having Dive Friends on-property facilities at their disposal, Sand Dollar guests have the added benefit of being able to swap out tanks for shore diving at any of Dive Friends existing facilities at Yellow Submarine, Dive Inn, Port Bonaire and Hamlet Oasis.

Sand Dollar guests diving with Dive Friends are not permitted to use the pier, rinse tanks, showers or any other facilities of Bonaire Dive & Adventure. Our guests can easily dive our house reef – Bari Reef – via a sandy entry area at the south end of the Sand Dollar property.

We are snorkelers. Is there good snorkeling at Sand Dollar?

Access to snorkeling at Sand Dollar is easy from three locations on the property. There is an abundance of species including Blue Tangs, Parrotfish, Mahogany Snappers, butterfly fish, many kinds of Damselfish, Puddingwife, grunts, Chromis (blue and brown), Sergeant Majors, Creole fish, and a large school of Horse-eye Jacks on the reef right in front of the condominium. More notable is the area directly in front of Sand Dollar, where a series of 600 lb. Reef Balls were set down in 10 feet of water in February of 2006 as part of a pilot project with the Bonaire Marine Park.


Our children are traveling with us. What dive and snorkel programs are available for children?

The owners of Dive Friends Bonaire believe that diving is an activity for the whole family, and as such want to provide families with an opportunity for a shared adventure activity. Options include: SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth) for children 5 and older; Bubblemaker, for children 8 and older; Discover Scuba Diving: for children 10 and older; Junior Diver or Junior Open Water Diver: for children 10 and older; and Open Water Diver: for those 15 and older.

What other activities are available?

Bonaire has a great deal to offer visitors with divergent interests. Please visit our Activities page for more details or ask our Reservations Staff.