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The Bunita Boneiru Roundabout Project is Underway!

Renown metal artist Mark Ansier has begun the beautification project at the Hato rotary. The rotary will be the site of artist/sculptor Mark J. Ansier’s monumental sculpture of an underwater scene and diver, the natural subject of choice for an island known as “Diver’s Paradise!” It will be constructed completely out of metals reclaimed from throughout Bonaire. The metals will be recycled and sculpted into a coral garden, turtles, stingrays, tropical fish, topped by one or two divers. Reclaimed metal includes steel which is naturally rusted, coming from cars and buildings, stainless steel and other metals from appliances. Mark says, “This is the time for art. Collect steel and make a fish! Why not clean up the island and create something beautiful and meaningful on that ugly piece of land?”  This sculpture will be a personal memorial to the artist’s son and dive buddy Matt, who he tragically lost in 2007.